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Can the Use of CBD and Hemp Help in Racing the Heart Like a Rocket?

Source: Harvard Medical

The use and popularity of cannabidiol and hemp products are increasing day by day as more and more people discover the therapeutic effects of these compounds. The natural supplement is getting a lot of buzz lately and showing up in different forms like gummies, creams, oils, lotions and pills. It is getting popular as a substance that shows positive effects on health conditions like chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and even heart disease. Anecdotal studies and research indicate that the use of hemp and CBD products can help you maintain a healthy heart and get it racing like a rocket. Let us see how.

Managing Blood Pressure

When a person is diagnosed with high blood pressure, he is asked to make lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease or kidney problem. They are also prescribed some daily medicines to maintain their health. One of the newest non-conventional methods patients of blood pressure can consider is adding hemp products to their lifestyle. A 2017 study indicated that cannabidiol can help lower both the types of blood pressure as compared to a placebo. As a part of the study, participants were monitored under stress tests. It was found that CBD can keep blood pressure low even during stressful conditions.

Research has also studied the impact of cannabidiol in the management of psychiatric disorders that lead to high blood pressure and degraded hearth health. Mice studies have helped scientists learn that this compound has an ability to increase the serotonin levels in the body to induce sensations like relaxation and calmness. Imbalances of this chemical are associated with a number of psychiatric disorders. Scientific research also suggests the use of CBD for dealing with social anxiety. A recent study suggested that the supplement can help reduce anxiety, decrease blood pressure and lower the heart rate, even before some presentation or public speaking.

Anti-Inflammatory Action

Cannabidiol is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties which are really beneficial for heart health. The inflammation of the heart muscle, called myocarditis, leads to reduced ability to pump the blood effectively throughout the body. A study conducted in 2016 showed how CBD can reduce this heart condition and reduce other immune responses in the body to maintain heart health. Science has also proved that hemp and cannabidiol can reduce oxidative stress which is a health condition associated with inflammation.

Stroke Recovery

One of the top conditions associated with heart diseases is stroke, which is quite common and serious. Looking at the increasing number of people suffering from strokes, research was carried out to see if CBD can help recover from it. A rat study of 2007 showed promising results for stroke recovery as cannabidiol can reduce tissue damage from a stroke or heart attack. Another study found that cannabidiol can protect against long-term brain damage from stroke. Research also indicates that hemp and cannabidiol products can help recover from a stroke.

Using CBD for Heart Health

Hemp and cannabidiol can be consumed in a variety of forms including tinctures, edibles, oils and creams. One of the easiest ways to consume it is by placing a few drops of tincture on the tongue. These products are safer to use than smoking or vaping. They also deliver stronger, quicker results than other forms such as edibles or topicals.

As the industry is not yet regulated, it is important that you perform sufficient research before buying or consuming any hemp or CBD product. See that you buy your cannabidiol product from a reputed source that sells organic, high-quality supplement. You can look for third-party lab test results to verify the quality, safety and potency of the product you are considering. These results also ensure that the labeling is accurate.

Next, you should start with small doses of the compound. Take a small dose and wait for a day to see how you feel. Increase the dose gradually until you see the desired effects. Increase by no more than 5mg at a time.

Thus, studies have already presented findings that show the potential of cannabidiol for heart health and more research is being carried out to support these findings.